Select, Match or Design a Finish

No upcharge for designing a custom finish. We want to develop the perfect finish for your project.  We have four options for selecting the perfect finish for your project. It’s your choice. It’s a simple process! View our DESIGN PROCESS for details.

Each finish is created to capture depth and texture created by multiple designs layered in different colors, patterns, textures and gloss levels. Most, if not all of our finishes are organic, dynamic and luminescent. Mercury Glass Gold, for example is truly gold tones, however, when lighting or viewing angle changes, the gold tones vary and become blue-grey tones.

Again, this remains true for most of our finishes. So, to truly understand a finish, we suggest you order samples and test the lighting and angles for yourself.  Further, viewing our samples digitally adds another component to the mix. Screen quality and resolution differ.

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Our Signature Series is unique and meant to inspire. This collection focuses on the proper scale, depth and texture to create memorable and distinctive spaces. 


Our Vintage Metals collection celebrates the beauty of raw, tarnished, patinated, and aged metals with the advantage of flexible size, thickness, color, and weight while remaining colorfast. Although we treat the surfaces with silver, copper, gold and bronze ink, they are all colorfast and will not patinate over time.  


We can’t improve upon mother nature and no one will ever replicate her unique beauty. However, we also understand that natural materials often require maintenance, are tough to form, and are expensive. So we are not trying to replicate, but rather re-engineer. By using an exterior technology that allows us to create matte, textured and glossy surfaces, we can capture the depth, substance and timelessness of natural materials. Given our propensity to do custom designs, you are not forced into selecting from a standard color chart.


Pure + FreeForm, in collaboration with Marcel Wanders presents “The Chameleon Collection” which features eight metal skins that impart optical pearl textures and iridescent effects, presenting a new semiotic future in expressing identity and beauty.

Changes in time, light source, angle of interaction, and panel type transform the skin, shaping ever-new perceptions of color, dimension, texture, scale, reflection, and material synergy.

“Directed by the intensity of the sun, the movement of the clouds, the density of urban humidity and the dance of its reflections, our Pure + FreeForm skins present an endless symphony of voices, creating an infinite architectural opera that makes us experience our cities every day anew. Architectural subtlety like never before.” Marcel Wanders


  • Exterior Cladding
  • Interior Acoustical Walls & Ceilings
  • Millwork & Hollow Metal Doors