Marcel Wanders and PURE + FREEFORM Launch New Collection of Metal Skins

Marcel Wanders and PURE + FREEFORM Launch New Collection of Metal Skins
Industry leaders partner to introduce eight exterior finishes that redefine materiality

NEW YORK — 2017 — The legendary Marcel Wanders has partnered with powerhouse architectural metal
design studio PURE + FREEFORM to release The Chameleon Collection, a series of eight new metal exterior
finishes that represent a new vision for the future of architecturally expressive exteriors. The
collection explores how building facades can transform through changes in light, reflection, vantage point and

Inspired by Marcel Wanders’ long-standing desire to replace the coldness of industrialism with poetry, fantasy and
personality, the diverse collection of metal facades adapt and transform to convey a unique identity. At its core, the
collection redefines architecture with materials that alter with the change of light through reflection and diffusion,
creating an experience that mutates from morning to evening, resulting in an ever-changing facade.

“Directed by the intensity of the sun, the movement of the clouds, the density of urban humidity and the dance of its
reflections, our architectural PURE + FREEFORM skins present an endless symphony of voices, creating an infinite
architectural opera that makes us experience our cities every day anew. Architectural subtlety like never before,”
states Marcel Wanders.

“This project allowed us to capitalize on the open-mindedness of critical thinkers outside the architectural field and
create a sense of place from the outside in,” adds Creative Director, Gabriele Chiave.

The collection is comprised of four types of skins: Sensitive, Dynamic, Romantic and Luxurious. Delicate details and
soft tones are the essence of the Sensitive Skin, with shimmering lights blending with open shapes, to portray a
fragile, yet inviting, ambiance. The Dynamic Skin uses edgy, geometric forms and masculine colors to create
high-contrast design that results in the creation of abstract details and gives a building’s exterior an energizing effect.
Designed with organic forms, the Romantic Skin is based on lacy patterns and graceful details. Accented by feminine
colors, this skin emits a pearlescent shine that transforms throughout the day. Lastly, the Luxurious Skin offers a
sophisticated opulence anchored in a palette of black matte and gold. With exquisite detail, it allows a building’s
exterior to stand out and make a bold statement.

“Through this collaboration, we explore the semiotic nature of how surfaces express meaning, using metal as a
contextual translator.” said Geoffrey Hahn, Creative Director at PURE + FREEFORM. “By leveraging the
cross-disciplinary expertise of both teams, we’ve created a collection intended to exhibit the future of
destination-based, purposeful design.”

The innovative, kaleidoscopic skins will be debuted at “Labyrinth of wonders, a journey of discovery from product to
architecture, from micro to macro scale,” a special installation during Tortona Design Week. Throughout different
staged areas, the Sensitive Skin, Romantic Skin, Dynamic Skin and Luxurious Skin will reveal their rich, 3D effects
and create immersive experiences by manipulating natural and artificial light, scale, distance, reflection, movement
and form. The presentation will include a garden where visitors can experience all skins from a single vantage point.