Meet, Specular.

Pure + FreeForm harnesses the transformative power of light with new collection of metal skins

St. Paul, Minnesota, 9/1/2020 – Pure + FreeForm, an award-winning metal design studio, is proud to unveil Specular, its newest and most innovative collection of metal finishes to date. The textured, high-performance metal surfaces of Specular harness the transformative power of light, transcending the mundane with physical textures that allow light to respond to metal in unparalleled ways. With innovation and sustainability at the core of Specular’s design, the collection succeeds in coupling function and form, where surface becomes an integral feature of the built environment.

“Because light closes the gap between architecture and perception, the need for physical texture and diffusive surfaces is an essential part of storytelling and context in architecture, today,” explains Geoff Hahn, Creative Director of Pure + FreeForm. “By mobilizing surface texture, and therefore light spread, we believe that we have developed something that is a real game changer. Architects have control over metal like never before.”

A flexible, customizable, and durable product

The Specular collection is ideal for exterior metal cladding, acoustical ceilings, interior wall panelling, millwork, soffits, column covers, canopies, and more. From classical forms, to more complex hybrid finishes, Specular offers 12 unique surfaces to choose from that define the next generation of metal architypes. With a focus on pearlescence, texture, fragmentation, and light spread, the collection’s finishes include Emblem, Perlage, Brunello, Relic, Enox, Piombo, Harlem, Molten, Serra, Caxia, Akoya, and Hollywood.

Available in panel systems or as flat sheets, Specular’s single skin aluminum composition is fully customizable in terms of design, pattern, color, gloss, texture, and scale. The collection’s durable, crack-resistant surfaces are easy to maintain, and Pure + FreeForm’s FEVE Lumiflon resin finishes offer unparalleled resistance against UV degradation, corrosion, chemical exposure, color fading, chalking, and diminished gloss. Backed by a 20-year warranty, Specular provides up to a 60-year life cycle.

Sustainability at the core

In addition to Specular’s longevity, Pure + FreeForm’s use of minimally-processed aluminium and organic pigments and resins makes it a 100% recyclable collection. Derived from a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled content, Specular is VOC-free, Red List-free, HPD compliant, and LEED credit qualified.

The collection’s single skin composition, organic, toxin-free coatings, and durability align with Pure + FreeForm’s commitment to designing products that respect the concept of a shared sustainable future. Taking a cue from the Slow Food phenomenon, Pure + FreeForm is aiding the initiation of the Slow Space movement, making the material environment a conscious feature of human identity and industry, while actively integrating the material environment with cultural consciousness.

“In striving to move beyond mere appearance or convention, design must contribute value and substance to our shared sustainable future,” explains Will Pilkington, President of Pure + FreeForm. “In making use of models and materials that are ecologically produced, and sustainable over the long term, we enable our partners to design and inhabit structures that are at once relevant and built to endure.”

The Specular collection will be available as of September 1, 2020, with samples and sales inquiries handled directly through Pure + FreeForm.

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