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Google HQ

Google HQ

New York, NY | Cookfox Architects

550 Washington, the centerpiece of the nearly 2 million sq ft “Googleplex” site on the West Side of Manhattan, is a restoration and expansion of the landmark St. John’s Terminal building. Designed by Cookfox architects, the main approach features rough cut stone and masonry details, highlighting the industrial/monumental context of the site. Pure+ Freeform created a custom finish, Carbon Patina, for the entryways and portals, featuring a matte, textured surface exuding age and history.  A shade darker than the stone, this neo-industrial masonry inspired metal becomes the gateway to the future of Google.

Finish | Custom Finish – Carbon Patina

Scope | Entrance Portal

Gauge | 3mm

Industry | Commercial & Corporate

Installers | Coordinated Metals, Inc.

Photographer | Michael Young