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Hennepin County Medical Center

Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC)

Minneapolis, MN | BWBR

One of the major concerns with painted or printed materials is creating beauty and texture without tiling or repetition. “Color field patterning,” strong color variation between panels, is a powerful way to convey design. For HCMC, the patterning comes in 3 different versions of an Autumn Rust in highly saturated pigments to creative visual interest from all distances. This project also benefits from a large-scale design, creating a sense of optical texture on the surface.

Finishes | Autumn Rust LightAutumn Rust MediumAutumn Rust Dark, White Oak

Scope | Exterior cladding

Gauge | 2.0mm

Industry | Health & Wellness

Installers | MGM


LEED Gold 2019

Photographer | Brennan Photo & Video