Legacy Fund 1

Legacy Fund 1

Rochester, MN

Recalling the quilted pattern of the Midwestern agricultural landscapes when viewed from above, the aesthetic of the varied surface and overall design of this vertical tower was all in respect to the exterior of the existing Mayo Clinic building. Fabricated and installed by M. G. McGrath, Variegated Zebra Honed “Limestone” was used on the exterior surface to accomplish the needs of the design. Given the sheer size of the façade, variation was needed to break up the monotony. To create this variegation, subtle design units were either omitted or added, creating slight deviations in the scheme while keeping a uniform appearance. The custom Variegated Zebra Honed “Limestone” finish, in 2mm single skin aluminum, is an exterior matte coating with white and silver pearl ink.

Architect: HGA

Finish: Custom – Variegated Zebra Honed “Limestone”

Material: 2mm

Industry: Hospitality

Photographer: Phalanx Studios