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Brooklyn, NY | Shimoda Design Group

Macy’s reclad its street level exterior as part of a much larger renovation to the Art Deco building at 422 Fulton Street in Brooklyn. The Wheeler, a 10-story office building, will be built on top of the existing structure that includes the retailer. The design intent called for a copper-toned finish in the bent shape to complement the brick tones of the existing façade. We supplied Prismatic Spritz in our 3mm Wet Seal plate panels to clad the upper window displays. The material is dynamic in tone, appearing lighter and almost orange like in direct light while offering rich and textured brick-red tones in indirect light.

Finish | Prismatic Spritz

Scope | Facade cladding in Wet Seal plate panels

Gauge | 3mm

Industry | Retail

Photographer | Reed Photographic