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Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall | Bemidji State University

Bemidji, MN

All natural materials offer their own beauty, but sometimes size, profile, and cost limit their use. For Memorial Hall | BSU, the design required the expression and tactile feel of terracotta, but in a panel that added additional texture and captured the reflection of light. Starting with a matte ochre resin, we added a layer of silver pearl, copper pearl, and a custom terracotta and finished the surface with our patent pending exterior texture. This additional coat produces increased hardness and perceptible coarseness, and our finish is still elastic enough for tight bends and fabrication. The ability to re-coat on site was a huge bonus for a higher education project.

Architect: LHB Inc.

Finish: Terracotta

Material: 1.5mm

Industry: Education

Photographer: Brennan Photo & Video