Moxy Chelsea

Wanting to appear as a local icon, but congruous to the industrial-modern style of the neighborhood, the warmth of the Nomad Steel in historically significant cast iron slab edge shapes were chosen as the facade material bringing context and relevance to the site. The shape and color continue in the same profile for 33 stories, but aluminum was necessary per weight, maintenance and performance concerns. The natural material at the base was not possible for the facade due to concerns of dripping on the glass. Since the slab edge protrudes from the facade, the same textured finish needed be on the metal, as it is visible from all guestrooms. Metal is a timeless signifying material that easily establishes context, location and place, in addition to performing exceptionally well.  The finish, Nomad Steel, is a super matte textured surface with copper and rust pearlescent ink, diffusing the light.


New York, NY


Stonehill Taylor


Nomad Steel


2mm Aluminum

Photo Credit:

Michael Kleinberg for Moxy Chelsea


2019 Interior Design and ICFF NYCxDESIGN Award, Hotel (Honorable Mention)