Metal is an exceptional material for soffit paneling due to its durability. Pure + FreeForm offers soffit panels with high-end design quality and superior performance. Our AAMA 2605 rating ensures the material will resist UV degradation, corrosion, and chemical exposure. Pairing this with an FEVE resin ensures superior performance of the color and gloss levels of the finish for optimal longevity.

AAMA 2605 High Performance Exterior Finish

FEVE Grade Finishes

20-Year Finish and Panel Warranty

Red List-free and VOC-free

Low maintenance, up to 60-year lifecycle

Faster lead times

Soffits Data Sheet
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Capitol Center

Blackened Steel, Blackened Steel, Brooklyn Steel, Canopy, Ceiling, Commercial Office, Commercial Office, Riverside, Soffit, Wall, Woodgrains, Woodgrains

Panel Details and Sizing

Soffit panels are available in 2 forms – Splice Plate or End Fold – depending upon the needs of the design and site. Soffit panels are available in widths of 4″, 6″, of 8″. The maximum length of the soffit panel is 177″, offering more panel options to meet the needs of project conditions than our standard 120″ long sheet. This product is cut-to-fit. This product can also be self-fabricated from a flat sheet, sized 48″ x 177″. Both panels and flat sheets come in a standard thickness of 1.0mm (0.04″). If you require a different size or profile, our Flush/Reveal panel system provides a customizable option for soffits.


Design Potential

Pure + FreeForm Soffit panels are standardly available in 5 durable and unique woodgrain finishes. Metal woodgrain soffits offer superior performance to traditional, natural wood soffits. Our finish and surface design technology make these materials exceptionally lifelike, celebrating the beauty of wood with the performance of metal. If one of the available colorways is not quite fitting the needs of your design, design something custom or choose an existing finish from our library to pair with a customized panel system.

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Fast Lead Times

Panels: 4 Weeks

Flat Sheets: 2 Weeks

Lead times are considered from point of formal order with Pure + FreeForm.




Flush or Reveal Profile options

Flat Profile standard


Option 1 – Tailored Trim Package provided by Pure + FreeForm, including: Base Trim, J Channel, Inside/Outside Corner Post, Support Z, J Closure, Head Trim, Head Angle Trim,  Angle Trim w/Return, Angle Trim, Window Sill Trim)

Option 2 – Self-Fabricated Trim. Additional Flat Sheets should be purchased to support trim needs.


This product can be easily installed using industry standard methods. Installation is not provided by Pure + FreeForm.


Perforations (Standard Patterns Only)

Please note perforations will add to the lead time of the material.

Material Performance

AAMA 2605 High Performance Exterior Finish

Resists UV Degradation & Corrosion

Resists Chemical Exposure

Color Resists Fading, Chalking, or Loss of Gloss

Made from 100% Aluminum

Contains at least 20% post-consumer recycled content

Red List-free and VOC-free

HPD and LEED Compliant

100% Recyclable

ASTM E84 Class A Fire Rating

CAN ULC-S102 Compliant

Requires little to no maintenance

Easily cleaned with instructions provided

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