Product Facts

Better Materials

Beautiful design and sustainability are only part of our commitment to high quality manufacturing. We equally value affordability in our products and simplicity in our processes, without compromising craftsmanship.

We offer a variety wall panel systems and ceiling systems to ensure you find just what you’re looking for when you work with us. If one of our current systems doesn’t fit the need of your project, we also sell flat sheets which can be formed into an endless selection of panel types.

Our single skin aluminum comes in varying gauges with a range of 0.6mm to 3mm. We offer a maximum sheet size of 48” x 177”. All of our finishes hold a 20-year warranty on fade, chalk, gloss and color with little to no maintenance required. Our product technologies meet the AAMA Specification 2605 standards.






Column Covers


Specialty Roofs & Doors


Technical Info

Panel Systems or Flat Sheets

Interior or Exterior Applications

Gauge: 0.6 mm to 3 mm

Flat Sheet Max Size: 48`` x 177``

Ultra-Matte to Ultra-Gloss

Up to a 60-year Life Cycle

Meets AAMA 2605 Specification Standards

A Smarter Supply Chain

Early on we understood that it’s often difficult and frustrating to solve complicated projects at a distance with one system. We offer our own tested systems and we have developed an extensive network of peers to increase options, improve lead times, lower cost, and to allow virtually any interior or exterior panel system at the best possible pricing. Instead of offering inflexible systems with limited and expensive custom options, we put design first, meaning our clients truly determine the system based on price point and needs.

And when local fabrication is needed for LEED, to save cost on transportation, or to support a hometown shop, we will often sell flat sheets. These global networks and partnerships allow us to gain information, understand new capabilities and provide assets that in turn help us offer both tangible and intangible value every step of the way. We sell to installers, fabricators and specialty contractors in various industries: sheet metal, glazing, acoustic walls and ceilings, carpentry, and dry wall.

Production Process