PURE + FREEFORM is unique in our approach to offering custom finishes at an affordable price. We use only the highest grade alloys and time tested industry leading resins. No upcharge for designing a custom finish. We want to develop the perfect finish for your project.

Our aluminum metal panels are lightweight and high strength. We can print up to 100,000 square feet daily. Our painting process gives superior quality that goes beyond aesthetics; offering resilience, robust performance and life-cycle cost benefits.

Lower life-cycle costs

Little or no maintenance

Resists UV degradation & corrosion

Resists chemical exposure


100% Customizable

20-Year Warranty


Class A Fire Rating

Single Skin

100% Recyclable

PURE + FREEFORM exclusively uses LUMIFLON resins. LUMIFLON was developed in 1982 by Asahi Glass Company (Mitsubishi Companies) headquartered in Tokyo. Asahi Glass Company is one of the core Mitsubishi companies. LUMIFLON is becoming more and more popular because test results show superior performance and maintains both gloss and color with a superior life cycle.

Step away from the standard color chart and LUMIFLON finishes offer a greater color range, increased depth and vibrant, clean colors in a wide range of glosses from total matte to automotive reflective. Architects and designers are choosing LUMIFLON to create destinations.

Clear coat is a new technology where a colorfast translucent layer is added on top of the raw aluminum before the finishing process takes place, celebrating the beautiful light diffusion and reflection that the material naturally has. We add different layers of pearl, ink and resin to create textures, but the underlying metallic luminescence remains. More interestingly, we can infuse the aluminum with copper or gold pearl, warming up the light reflection, and creating a new depth to typical metal panels. Since each batch of aluminum has a natural variation of its raw color, there is a subtle deviation of depth, but nothing close to anodization or natural metals. As with all of our metals, these finishes hold a 20-year warranty on fade, chalk, gloss and color.

Recycled content:
LEED NC 2.2 MR 4.1 & 4.2

Regional materials:
LEED NC 2.2 MR 5.1 & 5.2
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Material Ingredients:
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Sourcing raw materials: