Our Brand


Pure + FreeForm is an architectural metal design studio specializing in bespoke finishes and cladding products for exterior and interior applications.

Our custom metal panels bridge the gap between accessibility, beauty, and relevance. Our superior Lumiflon resin outperforms the competition, allowing each finish to maintain its gloss and color, and our panels can be fabricated on-site or in the fabricator’s shop. We equally value quality and affordability in our products, without compromising aesthetics, craftsmanship or contextual relevance. We can print up to 100,000 square feet daily!

We use a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled aluminum in our metal walls and panels. Using products which are produced wholly or partially from recycled content reduces the environmental impact of harvesting and processing virgin materials. It also lessens the impact on landfills and other waste-containment systems.

Pure + FreeForm’s studio works closely with each project’s design team to produce site-specific finishes and systems for metal cladding applications. Through our custom metal cladding products, our vision is to create destinations recognized globally for their inspiring, contextual, purposeful designs.