Frequently Asked Questions

What does Pure + FreeForm sell exactly?
We sell prefinished, design-centric aluminum flat sheets and engineered panel systems for turnkey interior and exterior cladding applications. Using our signature pigment, ink, and resin system, we can achieve a variety of bespoke shades, textures, patterns, and tones to offer a custom, one-of-a-kind metal panel.

Do you sell only flat sheets or only panels?
We supply both! We fabricate our flat sheets to form a variety of wall and ceiling panel systems, offering a turnkey final product.

Is this composite material or ACM?
No, we provide single-skin plate aluminum. It does not have a core and does not come on a backer, making it more sustainable than an ACM panel.

Can I customize a finish? How long does it take?
Yes! Custom samples require 3-5 weeks to produce. The number of revisions required will add to the overall lead time. See our process online.

Can your finishes and panel systems be used on exterior and interior applications?

Yes, our material is rated for both interior and exterior use with performance and sustainability in mind.

What gauge/thickness does your material come in?
Both flat sheets and panels range in gauge/thickness from 0.6mm (0.024”) to 3.0mm (0.12”) aluminum. Material gauge/thickness required will vary depending on the panel type.

What size panels do you offer?
Our panels are formed from flat sheets sized 48” by up to 177”, with standard sheet size of 48” x 120”. We can fabricate large or small panels, depending on the application and needs of the design.

Does your material come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 20-year limited finish warranty.

What are the material order minimums and lead times?
Our raw material lead times are considered from point of formal flat sheet order to delivery at the fabrication site. We have lead times for both Factory/Custom Orders and Inventory/Stock Orders below. Custom design and fabrication will add additional lead times to the below.

Factory or Custom Orders

Lead Time: 8 – 12 Weeks

Minimum Order: 1,000 sqft

Inventory (Stock) Orders

Lead Time: 2 Weeks

Minimum Order: 80 sqft (2 sheets)

What’s in stock?

Our fastest lead times yet. See what’s available in our Ready-to-Ship Flat Sheets!

How can I learn more about your products?

There are 2 easy ways to learn more about Pure + FreeForm products and processes. We offer an AIA and IDCEC approved CEU course that offers 1.0 HSW LU for attendees. Alternatively, we are happy to provide a brief, product knowledge session for interested individuals. Reach out to learn more about these opportunities or inquire about our presentation availability.


Can I get samples?

Yes. We offer free ground shipping in the US. For international shipments, we may require a FedEx or UPS shipping number. Order online. 

Are samples available in all thicknesses? 

We do not produce all samples in all gauges/thicknesses. However, we can likely provide you with a sample in the requested gauge in addition to the finish sample if noted in your request.

Can I purchase this material at a local distributor?

Material can be purchased directly through Pure + FreeForm.

What is included in the panel system?
Our panel systems are turnkey solutions with submittal drawings, panels, and trim required. Our ceilings systems come with the ceiling grid included.

Fabrication and Installation

This material is prefinished, does it crack/craze during fabrication?

No, our material does not crack or craze when properly fabricated due to the flexibility of our topcoat resins. Our coatings have been successfully fabricated and installed for over 30 years.

How easy is your material to cut and fabricate?

Our prefinished aluminum flat sheets are easily fabricated into panel systems using standard industry methods.

How easy is it to install your systems?

Our systems are easy to install and generally follow industry standards.

What is the installation cost?

We are the material suppliers and therefore do not set installation costs. We recommend asking for this information from the installer. We do not install.

Does your material require a lot of maintenance?

No, it requires little to no maintenance. We recommend using a non-solvent based, non-abrasive neutral detergent with water to clean off any surface residue.

How do you touch up this material? Do you provide touch up paint?

Scratches and raw edges can be touched up with matching paint from the manufacturer when available, and they are also commonly touched up using resins from a local paint supplier.