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Product Facts

Better Materials

Beautiful finish design and sustainability are only part of our commitment to high quality manufacturing. We equally value affordability in our wall and ceiling systems, and simplicity in our processes, without compromising craftsmanship. All of our products are easy to maintain, lowering the life cycle costs of buildings, their owners, and tenants. See more of our product benefits.

Superior Performance

Our finishes are AAMA 2605 rated, the highest possible for superior performance exterior grade coatings. They resist UV degradation and corrosion and chemical exposure, fading, chalking, or loss of gloss. With a life cycle of up to 60-years on exterior applications, our materials are some of the strongest in the industry. We offer a 20-year warranty on chalk, fade, and color for our finishes, ensuring a quality and beautiful material for any building or home.

AAMA 2605

Flexible Design

We love custom work. Our finishes are 100% customizable, with the opportunity to design something truly one-of-a-kind. If one of our current systems doesn’t fit the need of your project, we also sell flat sheets which can be formed into an endless selection of panel types, without worry of cracking or crazing.

ASTM Coating Tests




Column Covers



Interior Walls



Specialty Doors



Fire Safe

Our finishes and panels systems have a ASTM E84 certified Class A Fire Rating and are also CAN ULC-S102 tested for flame spread and smoke development. Our single-skin products contain no core material, making them a sustainable and safe choice for architectural applications because they are non-combustible. We work to ensure our wall and ceiling panel systems will meet modern and updated standard construction industry benchmarks and building code regulations in your state or province.

ASTM E84 (Crystal Basecoat)
ASTM E84 (Matte)
ASTM E84 (Ultra Gloss Matte)

Low Maintenance

All Pure + FreeForm finishes and panel systems are easy to clean and typically require little to no maintenance. However in the case that surface residue is apparent or if materials require cleaning in a high traffic area, panels can be cleaned by following our simple instructions, noted below. We always recommend spot testing an area of the panel with your cleaning solution prior to cleaning the whole panel.

Cleaning - General
Pitkin Library - Aspen Patina - Flush Reveal (5)

Material Transparency

We fully recognize that making buildings more efficient and habitable is critical to our contribution to the built environment and ultimately, our legacy as a material designer. Our commitment to ecological awareness means we use only the highest-grade alloys and time-tested industry leading resins. Our aluminum, pigments, inks, and resins have all been tested and certified to help projects qualify for GREEN building status.

Our commitment to sustainability is not only to reduce cost and enhance building marketability, but to reduce negative impacts on our environment and those who inhabit it. We are committed to manufacturing eco-friendly materials that will last for years to come. Check out our sustainability page for more information!

Crystal Basecoat

Our Crystal Basecoat technology adds a colorfast translucent layer on top of untreated aluminum, before the finishing process takes place, to capture the subtle deviation of depth in the raw color. We add different layers of pearl, ink and resin to create textures, but the underlying metallic luminescence remains. The result is the beautiful luminosity, light flow, and reflectivity you would expect from natural materials like copper, bronze, and stainless, but in a more controlled and nuanced way.

Changes in angle of interaction, time of day, and light source mean metals can be perceived in an entirely new way. We can infuse the aluminum with copper or gold pearl, warming up the light reflection, and creating a new depth to typical metal panels. Since each batch of aluminum has a natural variation of its raw color, there is variety in the depth of the surface. Because you can manipulate levels of glint and glow, Crystal Basecoat finishes are a great compliment against more matte and diffuse surfaces, such as high-performance concrete, stone, and GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete).

Pigments, Inks, & Resins

Pure + FreeForm exclusively uses FEVE Lumiflon ® resins. FEVE Lumiflon ® was developed in 1982 by Asahi Glass Company, one of the core Mitsubishi companies, headquartered in Tokyo. FEVE Lumiflon ® is becoming more and more popular because test results show superior performance, maintenance of both gloss and color with a superior life cycle. With its long lifespan, FEVE Lumiflon ® eliminates the environmental impact of repeated repainting and recoating, contributing to green building materials and GREEN project status. 

Step away from the standard color chart. FEVE Lumiflon ® finishes offer a greater color range, increased depth, and vibrant, clean colors in a wide range of glosses from total matte to extreme gloss. Architects and designers are choosing FEVE Lumiflon ®to create destinations.