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We were founded on the belief that custom, site-specific design should be accessible to all projects. Custom finishes focus on the intersection between craft and design, breaking away from the banal to create something meaningful and beautiful. Color, texture, and gloss all play a significant role in our perception of spaces, even small details can offer context and meaning. We use up to 8 layers of organic, toxin-free ink and resin in each custom finish, with topcoats from ultra-matte to high gloss.

Application: Interior or Exterior

Sheet Size: 48″ x 120″ (up to 177″)

Sustainability: HPD, LEED, VOC Free, LBC 3.1 Red List Free, 100% Recyclable, Made from 20% recycled content. See more features.

Durability: Resists UV Degradation & Corrosion, Resists Chemical Exposure, Color Resists Fading, Chalking, or Loss of Gloss. Class A Fire Rating.

Custom Client Finishes