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Intermountain St. George Regional Hospital

Intermountain St. George Regional Hospital

St. George, UT | HDR

The new Intermountain St. George Regional Hospital system, formerly the Dixie Regional Medical Center, brings together a sprawling new hospital campus to serve southern Utah, as well as residents of neighboring Arizona and Nevada. The interior features a massive, monumental staircase, connecting the floors of the hospital with a bright pop of color to the otherwise white ceiling and walls. The design team was using oxidized copper as the inspiration for an intense staircase color, but had concerns with weight, cost, and maintenance of the natural material.

The rich “blue” color is actually a copper-hybrid, capturing the tones and textures of oxidized copper but in an aluminum sheet that is flexible for the custom millwork application. By opting for a custom finished aluminum, the color is dialed in to the exact tone of oxidized copper desired instead of the array of tones typically offered. Aluminum was chosen over natural copper due to cost, lightweight nature, ease of fabrication and ability to dial in the right green-blue copper. The flexibility of the material additionally allowed for LED lighting, bringing additional dimension to the flat surface while still meeting the needs of the design and space.

Finish | Astral Copper

Scope | Staircase cladding

Gauge | 3.0mm

Industry | Health & Wellness

Photographer | Paul Richer