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Design Process

Creating depth through finish design

Materials create spatial experiences and destinations via contextual and purposeful design. We celebrate the semiotic nature of what metals mean in different localities and how the language of metals absorbs meanings. We believe a manufacturer’s role in this industry is to provide architects and interior designers with the means to create a built environment that both responds to and is an extension of its local identity.

This is why we are unique in our design-first approach in our ability to offer custom finishes at an affordable price. We offer each designer the opportunity to create a unique, site-specific finish for no additional fee. Pattern, color, gloss, texture, and scale can all be subject to change or modification.

We work closely with designers to see their vision become reality. Throughout the design process, we create physical samples for their review and approval. If it’s not perfect, we continue to adjust the design until it meets their specifications or design intent.

We offer different levels of design and customization for finishes.

Make It Yours







Option 1: Select a Finish

Select a finish from a current collection and specify it as-is, ready to use. When time is of the essence, these pre-designed finishes, most stocked in our current inventory, allow for shorter lead times.

Option 2: Redesign a Finish

Redesign a finish to any specifications using a finish from a current collection as a base. Any finish you see on our website is fully customizable.

Option 3: Match a Finish

Match a finish to a physical sample. Send us a physical sample of any material, even non-metals, to be matched for color, gloss, texture, pattern, or design.

Option 4: Design a Finish

Design a finish from scratch to match almost any specifications. Creating site-specific finishes is what we do. Tell us the vision of the material and watch it become reality.

Pigments, Inks, & Resins

Our printing process gives superior quality that goes beyond aesthetics, offering resilience, robust performance, and life-cycle cost benefits.

Pure + FreeForm exclusively uses FEVE Lumiflon ® resins. FEVE Lumiflon ® was developed in 1982 by Asahi Glass Company, one of the core Mitsubishi companies, headquartered in Tokyo. FEVE Lumiflon ® is becoming more and more popular because test results show superior performance, maintenance of both gloss and color with a superior life cycle.

With its long lifespan, FEVE Lumiflon ® eliminates the environmental impact of repeated repainting and recoating, contributing to green building materials and GREEN project status.

Step away from the standard color chart. FEVE Lumiflon ® finishes offer a greater color range, increased depth, and vibrant, clean colors in a wide range of glosses from total matte to extreme gloss. Architects and designers are choosing FEVE Lumiflon ®to create destinations.

Our Crystal Basecoat technology adds a colorfast translucent layer on top of untreated aluminum, before the finishing process takes place, to capture the subtle deviation of depth in the raw color. We add different layers of pearl, ink and resin to create textures, but the underlying metallic luminescence remains. The result is the beautiful luminosity, light flow, and reflectivity you would expect from natural materials like copper, bronze, and stainless, but in a more controlled and nuanced way.

Changes in angle of interaction, time of day, and light source mean metals can be perceived in an entirely new way.

More interestingly, we can infuse the aluminum with copper or gold pearl, warming up the light reflection, and creating a new depth to typical metal panels. Since each batch of aluminum has a natural variation of its raw color, there is a subtle deviation of depth. Because you can manipulate levels of glint and glow, Crystal Basecoat finishes are a great compliment against more matte and diffuse surfaces, such as high-performance concrete, stone, and GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete).

As with all of our metals, these finishes hold a 20-year warranty on fade, chalk, gloss and color.