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Anschutz Health Sciences Building Cafe

Anschutz Health Sciences Building Cafe

Aurora, CO | Kiku Obata & Company

The design exudes sophisticated simplicity, with sleek lines, thoughtfully curated materials, and an abundance of natural light that bathes the space in warmth. The custom perforated ceiling baffles draw the eye from the kitchen area to the expansive, double-height ceiling above. This intentional design choice not only establishes a fluid visual connection but also accentuates the verticality of the space. The innovative use of textures and materials not only lends a contemporary touch but also emphasizes a tactile connection with the environment. From the seamlessly integrated seating areas to the carefully crafted lighting solutions, every element contributes to a fluid and inviting atmosphere, fostering a sense of community and well-being. The choice Roma Noce woodgrain introduces a tactile and visual continuity between the interior space and the natural landscapes beyond. This deliberate selection of material pays homage to the natural beauty of surrounding Boulder, Colorado, whilst alluding to the medical research that occurs within the building with modern, clean sophistication.

Finish | Roma Noce

Scope | Baffle

Gauge | 1mm

Industry | Education

Anschutz Health Sciences Building Cafe

Aurora, CO | Est. 2023

Photographer: James Ray Spahn