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Crofton High School

Crofton High School

Crofton, MD | GWWO

Crofton High School bridges the gap between education and nature, taking cues from its surroundings in its design and master plan with connections to outdoor space via walking paths and outdoor class spaces. With sustainability in mind, the design team incorporated the usage of highly environmentally friendly materials, resulting in achieving LEED Silver Certification. At the exterior soffit and entryway canopies, our aluminum woodgrain was used in customized Flush Reveal panels in varying lengths to offer a varied but cohesive design. The materials are VOC and Red List free, as well as 100% recyclable and made form recycled content, contributing LEED credits to the site. With a Class A Fire Rating, the material offers both optimal visual interest in its design as well as safety in its practicality.

Finish | Spooner Grain

Scope | Flush Reveal soffit and canopy

Gauge | 1.0mm

Industry | Education

Installers | Cole roofing


LEED Silver Certified

Photographer | Thomas Holdsworth