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Facebook Spring District

Bellevue, WA | NBBJ

New to the Spring District of Washington is an 8-acre sprawling campus that advances the connection between work and nature, prioritizing sustainability and harmony between the office and natural environment. Originally designed for REI and then sold to Facebook, the building’s unique massing uses mechanical doors to integrate the interior and exterior spaces, as well as exterior staircases and walkways to travel between floors and parts of the building. This fluidity between spaces and large windows maximizes natural light and access to the outdoors for employees.

We helped contextualize the façade by designing and fabricating a custom tight-profile Shark Tooth Corrugation in two additionally custom finishes, Washington Steel and Twilight Bronze. The materials, originally designed for REI, simultaneously signify the ethos of the storied, rugged brand while also referencing their creativity and nonconformity. The project helps further Facebook’s Spring District mini-empire with an additional 400,000 sqft of office space, designed to meet LEED standards.

Finish | Twilight Bronze, Washington Steel

Scope | Exterior Custom Corrugated facade cladding

Gauge | 1.0mm

Industry | Commercial & Corporate

Photographer | Benjamin Benschneider