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Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells

New York, NY | STUDIOS Architecture

Hogan Lovells’ New York office helps to define their position as an internationally regarded law firm, prioritizing the space’s design to align with the corporate culture of transparency and hospitality. The office walls and floor offer a clean and bright white aesthetic, requiring a material to warm the space via the ceiling. Our custom woodgrain was employed with a micro perforation to offer a visually stunning and textured warm wood material that could span large and angular panel sizes. The undulating effect of the ceiling comes from the offset panes and angular joint lines, requiring a flexible aluminum that would achieve this without concerns for weight or durability. The material offers LEED credits to contribute to the overall Silver Certified building status.

Finish | Custom woodgrain

Scope | Ceiling cladding

Gauge | 0.8mm

Industry | Commercial Office


LEED Silver

Photographer | Magda Biernat