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Logan Airport Nouria Energy Convenience Center

Logan Airport Nouria Energy Convenience Center

Boston, MA | Phase Zero Design

Located just outside of the Boston Logan International Airport is the Logan Airport Nouria Energy Convenience Center, a 6,600 sqft filling center. The project features both the Boston local favorite eatery, Meridian Market, and Starbucks’ first in the national travel center location. The location is also outside of the Jeffries Point neighborhood, making it a fully accessible gathering place for locals with indoor and outdoor seating and lounge space. The main building features a sloped roof to give the feeling of takeoff and flight, a nod to the nearby airport. With highly sustainable exterior cladding materials and solar panels, the project achieved LEED Silver Certification in 2019.

Finishes | Old Dirty Bronze, Gotham Patina, Parisian Rust, Custom tan “stone”

Scope | Exterior cladding, columns, signage. Flush Reveal exterior soffits and interior wall paneling.

Gauge | 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm

Industry | Retail


LEED Gold 2019

Photographer | Joseph Ferraro Photography