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Marmon Holdings

Marmon Holdings

Chicago, IL | Whitney Architects

Given the recent, drastic shift in how people use and interact in the office, Marmon holdings saw this as an opportune time to revamp their brand and built environment. The result is a hospitality inclined flexible office space that supports hybrid working while promoting workplace interaction and satisfaction. Designed by Whitney Architecture, the entrance offers clear understanding of the firms new ethos via form, color and materiality, Pure + Freeform supplied one of their newest finishes from their MetaMetal collection, Bohemian, which is a contemporary interpretation of blackened steel.  The blue pearlescent ink atop the metals surface achieves a dramatic, sensory arrival all while referencing the brands new corporate color.

Finish | Bohemian

Scope | Wall Panels

Gauge | 1mm

Industry | Office

Installers | Merkel Woodworking Inc.

Photographer: Whitney