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Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Garden

Portland, OR | Kengo Kuma & Associates

Portland commissioned Kengo Kuma for his first public commission in the U.S. to design the new “Cultural Village” within the park to quarter its popularity. Modeled on the Japanese tradition of monzenmachi or gate towns, he wanted to create a flowing, accessible community that was also capable of hosting everything from events to educational affairs. The complicated cubic and rectilinear volumes feature pitched roofs and façades not achievable with natural materials. By finishing aluminum plate surfaced with silver and white pearl and adding a matte granite layer on top, a sense of substance and materiality was achieved in the proper forms.

Finish | Celeste Stone

Scope | Roof cladding

Gauge | 3.0mm

Industry | Culture & Community

Installers | Bassett Construction


2019 – Surface Design Awards, Sustainable Exterior Surface.

2017 – Metal Architecture Awards, Metal Roofing. ENR Northwest, Best Cultural/Worship.


LEED Gold 2017

Portland Japanese Garden | Photo Credit Jeremy Bittermann Photography
Portland Japanese Garden | Photo Credit Jeremy Bittermann Photography

Photographer | Jeremy Bitterman