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Squarespace Headquarters

Squarespace Headquarters

New York, NY | A+I

Squarespace HQ in NYC needed a super textured, midnight blackened steel ceiling that would warmly spread light via diffusion while appearing flat even in natural light.  The panels feature a custom CNC perforation that mirrors our constellation in an accessible torsion spring system.  Acoustical and ambient, the ceiling is backlit by soothing, mood-changing LEDs that impact the experiences of the people within. The finish is also used on the bar wrapping, bringing cohesion to the space.

Finish | Gun Metal

Scope | Interior Torsion Spring ceiling

Gauge | 1.0mm

Industry | Commercial Office


2017 – AIA NY Design Award

Squarespace Headquarters

New York, NY

Photographer: Magda Biernat – OTTO