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The Brick and The Machine

The Brick and The Machine

Culver City, CA | Abramson Architects

The Brick and The Machine is a brand new mixed-use building in the center of Downtown Culver City. The site is named after the design concept itself – interlocking two buildings with different appearances, and integrating each building’s distinct environment. The Brick offers a modern twist on traditional materials used in the area with a black brick façade. The dark color is complemented by a brightly pigmented and deeply saturated FEVE-grade aluminum panel on The Machine. These panels are operable, offering the ability to move the screens and take in the best views of California, while offering interior air flushing. Via a dynamic perforation on the metal panel, perforated and fabricated by Arktura, the material also offers a unique shadow line on the interior that changes throughout the day.

Finish | Machine Blue

Scope | Exterior Wall Panel

Gauge | 3.0mm

Industry | Mixed-Use

Installers | Arktura

Photographer: Sean Costello