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Under Armour Brand House

Under Armour Brand House


For the Under Armour flagship in Chicago, we worked with the design team to develop an incredible textural, pearlized blackened steel finish that could express a “mood change,”  depending on the time of day and light source. In direct light, it revealed a distinctive, aggressive, extreme gloss matte texture, while indirect light presented a more monolithic reading of the finish, conveying a sense of substance and stateliness. The appearances offers something patina-like, but the finish changes in appearance to look more a hot rolled steel. The curvature of the building facade, in plate panels, gives additional life to the material, allowing the material to transform as one walks by.

Finish | Custom blackened steel

Scope | Exterior cladding

Gauge | 3.0mm

Industry | Retail


2016 – A.R.E. Design Awards, Gold Award and Store of the Year (Specialty Store Over 25,000 SF).

Photographer | Magda Biernat – OTTO