Under Armour Brand House

To create the façade for the award winning Under Armour Brand House on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, the owner envisioned a formidable and powerful blackened metal that changed depending on the time of day. Employing our exterior extreme gloss matte finish, we used a top layer of silver and blue pearl on top of anthracite ink; these were then overlaid onto a large enlarged galvanized pattern that is only visible in direct light. The impact this creates makes the façade a destination.  In indirect light, the pearl is diffused and the panels appear weighty and monolithic. Direct light causes the pearl to pop and which creates depth that can be viewed from a distance. As you approach the building to inspect the finish, you discover this smaller patterned detail, making it a truly site-specific and one-of-a-kind finish.

Spec: Exterior Extreme Gloss Matte with Silver and Blue Pearl


Chicago, IL




Armoured Steel


3mm Aluminum