Oxidized Silver Hairline

Oxidized silver, commonly found in jewelry, is a darkening process that imitates the natural tarnishing process. This process offers a great charcoal detailing over the sterling silver and a real sense of depth. We have taken this beautiful charcoal oxide layer and mixed it in pearl ink, applied it over silver pearl, added a bit of natural light changing pearl, and brushed this on top of a Crystal Basecoat coated aluminum. The result is deep color, great depth and a very antique, tarnished grey.

Specify: Oxidized Silver Hairline #NI023

Collection: Signature Series, Atmos (interiors)

Color Family: Silver Metals

Spec: Matte

Thickness: 0.6mm – 3mm

Sheet Size: 48″ x 120″ (up to 177″)

Sustainability: HPD, LEED, VOC free, Red List free, 100% Recyclable, Made from 20% recycled content. See more features. 

Projects Using this Finish

150 Spear Street

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