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CAN ULC-S102 Fire Testing for Architectural Aluminum Cladding

CAN ULC-S102 is a comparative measurement of flame spread and smoke development of a given material. The results of the material are compared with fiber-cement board and natural red oak, two materials which have become the standards. The testing helps to determine if these materials and finishes are suitable for their various intended applications.

CAN ULC-S102 is the standard for ensuring fire safe building materials in Canada. In the United States, the comparative testing standard is ASTM E84. Both methods use the Steiner Tunnel apparatus for direct exposure of the building materials to fire. However, the testing of materials to meet Canadian standards requires the material be tested three times, rather than just once for ASTM. Both tests help drive the specification of fire safe building materials in North America.

These codes are relevant for homes, offices, and buildings of all types and purposes. Buildings that use materials with low smoke development and flame spread are simply safer for inhabitants. Fire and smoke mitigation gives people more time to react to fire emergencies. Building materials that do not react to fire can also be replaced more easily because they do not cause additional damage to the surrounding areas. Fire safe walls and fire safe ceilings are now standard for commercial buildings and paramount to inhabitant safety.

Pure + FreeForm recently completed our full scope of North American fire testing standards with CAN ULC-S102. We are happy to share our test results, below, that we are CAN ULC-S102 certified! You can see our full test results linked here.

These test results allow us to bring our bespoke metal finishes and fire safe cladding products safely into the Canadian market. Our single-skin products contain no core material, making them a sustainable and safe choice for architectural applications because they are non-combustible. We work to ensure our wall and ceiling panel systems will meet modern and updated standard construction industry benchmarks and building code regulations in your state or province.

To learn more about how Pure + FreeForm products can contribute to the health, safety, and wellness of buildings, request a virtual or in person CEU for your firm.

Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, Pure + FreeForm is an architectural metal design studio specializing in bespoke finishes and cladding products for exterior and interior applications. The company’s custom metal panels bridge the gap between accessibility, beauty, and relevance. Pure + FreeForm’s superior FEVE Lumiflon resin outperforms the competition, allowing each finish to maintain its gloss and color. Pure + FreeForm equally values quality and affordability in delivering its products to market, without compromising aesthetics, craftsmanship, or contextual relevance.