Bringing Design to Life: From Finishes to Panels

Visual interest in design often extends past the colors and patterns of the materials into their applications. Whether interior or exterior, designers know walls are not meant to simply enclose a space, but should add ambiance, elegance, and meaning  with colors and textures.

While our finishes can accomplish this, it is the various panel systems that are the medium to transfer these onto the wall or ceiling. Because there are few limitations in metal’s ability to be shaped, formed, cut, or perforated, it is an advantageous material to use when both finish and form are considered in design.

In both custom and standard applications, our metal wall panels go beyond aesthetics and offer installation and performance benefits. Below are the examples of systems and finishes working in tandem.

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel

Wet Seal Plate

Ideal for storefronts, the wet seal plate partners well with glazing systems where panels and windows interface. The custom woodgrain on this system clads two stories of a boat shaped restaurant.

Pod Hotel

Corrugated & Perforated

With a limitless range of roll formed and break formed options, custom corrugated panels are a cost effective way to add physical texture to a wall or ceiling, In this project, Oxidized Silver Hairline is both corrugated and perforated.

Long Beach Exchange

Dry Joint Plate

Large format, heavy gauge panels are an industry standard. Our offering is formed from solid core aluminum, offering significant sustainability and durability benefits. This panel type can be engineered to the most extreme wind load environments and resist deflection, often called oil canning, and stay flat.

Memorial Hall at BSU

Flat Lock

The flat lock panel system is a hook seam system, bringing the panel joints outward of the wall. In contrast to flush panels or plate panels, the projected panel joint creates additional angles, texture, and depth for the finish Terracotta to shine.

Pitkin County Library

Flush Reveal

Pitkin County Lirary

The flush reveal system is cost effective to manufacture and install. This system can be made in numerous widths and depths, offering a great deal of flexibility. Here, the panels have varied depths adding texture to the facade.


Face Fastened

This simple system is defined by exposed fasteners, creating an industrial and on trend look which contrasts the vintage elegance of Hampton Brass. This is a relatively cost effective system due to reduced labor required to make the panel and less material required to cover the wall or facade.

We are able to supply a complete tested and engineered wall panel system, with submittal drawings and engineering calculations as a complete package ready to install. If acoustics are needed for interior spaces, panels can be perforated and have backing added.

No matter the system, all our panel offerings are sustainable – VOC free, Red List free, HPD Compliant, 100% recyclable and made from at least 20% recycled content. For technical information on these offerings, contact us.