Mother Nature Re-Engineered: Using Wood in Design

“I don’t know where the artificial stops and the real starts.”- Andy Warhol

Design is often defined as the substitution of the natural with the artificial with the assistance of technology. Understandably, the digital is not always preferable to the analog, but there are many design situations where both performance and design direction must be maintained.

When design incorporates the usage of natural materials, such as wood, there are often concerns related to maintenance, formability, and price. We offer a variety of woodgrain finishes that allow designers to capture the depth, substance, and timelessness of wood without the performance concerns.

We are not trying to replicate Mother Nature, but rather to re-engineer her beauty. Our ability to customize designs by adjusting pattern, texture, gloss, and color ensures you can achieve a site-specific and beautiful design using materials that are Red List Free, VOC Free, and unlike wood, noncombustible.

Below are some of our most popular offerings in recent applications.

Ceilings at Hudson yards

Hudson Walnut

Throughout the ceilings at both 20 Hudson Yards, pictured left, and 55 Hudson Yards, pictured right, you will find Hudson Walnut, customized in appearance and optimized for acoustics.

For 20 Hudson Yards, we developed a light and dark version of the finish and added a semi-reflective coating (80-level gloss) to capture the movement and lights of the interior, creating motion and excitement. (Pictured bottom left)

For 55 Hudson Yards, the finish was customized to capture the grain but to also to keep it flat as the lobby is illuminated by natural light. The result is a textured, floating ceiling that issues warmth and makes a connection with its urban and natural surroundings. (Pictured bottom right)

HY_2949 - LR
55 Hudson Yard 1

Manhattan Grain

Recently completed: Manhattan Village in Manhattan Beach, CA features Manhattan Grain on several signs throughout the campus.

Miele Maple

.8mm Miele Maple on Confidential Childcare Center by Gensler.

Bio Grain


The new LA Biomed building by ZGF featuring 3mm Bio Grain.