Designing holistically with metal

Considerations with pairing materials with metal

One of the challenges of any project is creating an acute relationship between a variety of materials. With the increased mechanization in material creation, as well as a decrease in artisans and natural materials, design now faces a period of one-size-fits-all surfaces and contextuality has declined. 

With some of our new innovations like Crystal Basecoat and Specular, we are giving the power back to designers in the form of texture, gloss, and intense color. As we offer a myriad of topcoat specs, finishes, and designs, we wanted to share some of the best material combinations we have seen recently. Pictured above: Capitol Center, Brooklyn Steel planter boxes paired with Riverside soffit.

Blackened steels are a great compliment to warmer materials, such as wood or red brick. Brooklyn Steel and Frozen Titanium utilize our extreme gloss-matte technology to create an optical patinated texture that is both rich and dynamic. In addition to warm tones, these finishes pair well with matte surfaces that allow other materials to capture the attention. Pictured: Right – Outlet Collection Winnipeg, Above – 25 Kent

Similar to blackened steels, silver metals offer a neutral base that pairs well with bold surfaces and bright colors. We add subtle texture to our silver metals so that the appearance is versatile and not flat. In this application, Mercury Glass Gold benefits from a colorfast translucent layer that brings out the natural luminosity of the metal, creating variation in the color of the corrugated panels. The soffit offers a definitive contrast in light play and color. The selection of Caramel Cedar pictured here, features a textured matte topcoat woodgrain with an intense pop of saturated warm color. Pictured: Mount Si High School

Finally, it is important to understand the impacts of light. When Gotham Patina is installed on this low-lit soffit, the material is warm toned and dark, offering a beautiful contrast to the lighter custom facade finish. The same material applied on a column cover under direct light appears more cool and patinated, contrasting the darker finish, Old Dirty BronzePictured: Boston Airport Convenience Center