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June News Update

Specular in Interior Design’s Spring Market Tabloid

No longer just industrial or ornate, modern finishes are changing what was previously possible with interior metal cladding. Taking on modern interpretations of iron rust and white glazed terracotta with textured topcoats, Akoya and Serra represent this new future of metal. The materials were featured in the 2021 edition of Interior Design Magazine’s Spring Market Tabloid. Both VOC free, Red List free, made from at least 20% recycled content, and 100% recyclable.

Metal Cladding for Offices: Office Snapshots

One of the many reasons we love metal for interiors is the ability of the material to either capture or diffuse light and movement. Combining this with a custom finish offers interior designers the ability to align materials with the brand itself. Cladding offerings for interiors range from high gloss to super matte surfaces that can be used on walls, ceilings, and more. Three projects, featured on Office Snapshots, use custom finishes and cladding applications to create truly unique interior office spaces.

Boston Dynamics HQ in Waltham, MA (Bergmeyer Associates) was the featured project for June on Office Snapshots. The project benefits from our Face Fastened wall cladding system, which offers an industrial appearance with exposed fasteners. By using this system, the material usage is maximized to the flat sheet size which cuts down on both waste and fabrication time for faster lead times for interiors. The finish is a custom “copper” with a high gloss hairline, Muntz Hairline.

Expensify HQ in Portland, OR (ZGF) also uses our Face Fastened wall paneling system, but in a mid gloss finish, Hampton Brass. The finish is a custom match to the existing gold/brass toned moulding, an attempt to both preserve the existing Art Deco detailing while modernizing the space.

Squarespace HQ in New York City (A+I) uses Gun Metal, a matte blackened steel, for both the ceiling system and bar millwork. The bar ceiling uses our Torsion Spring ceiling system in a custom, rounded drop ceiling. The panels are also custom perforated to offer the appearance of a night sky, but the matte texture of the topcoat ensure the light is diffused.

New In Town

Three brand new finishes just arrived at our HQ in St. Paul, MN. We’re happy to welcome to the finish family Armoured Steel, Mature Rust, and Pinstripe. All available to sample today!