The same material you love on facades, now for interiors.

Traditional interior metals have been defined by either natural surfaces and materials or paint, neither of which are truly relevant to most projects and offer little variety in appearance from one project to the next. Designers today need the ability to create site-specific and contextual finishes to give interior spaces a deeper sense of meaning.

Enter, Pure + FreeForm Interiors. An organic evolution of our work, this new division focuses on the intimate interactions people have with materials and the ways materials connect people with interior spaces.

The connection between materials and people creates atmosphere, the pervading tone of a place or situation, and the inspiration of our new collection: Atmos.

Hensel Phelps
Gun Metal

Hensel Phelps 3

The Diner Installation
Specter & Frozen Titanium


We continue to push back on predetermined and generic materials because customization is king. With Atmos, designers can take control of the finishes through changes in color, texture, gloss, and pattern. And with a nearly endless list of applications – ceilings, millwork, wall paneling, signage, and column covers (just to name a few) – the possibilities are endless.

Beyond great design, our interiors products are still what we call pure: minimally processed, VOC and Red List free, and compliant with LEED, HPD, and AAMA 2605 Specifications. Plus, aluminum is durable and resistant to chemical exposure, corrosion, and UV degradation.