Rust you can trust.

Weathering steel, corten, and rusted steel are all generalized names attributed to an alloy frequently seen in sculptural art, such as the works of Richard Serra or Beverly Pepper. Its usage in premium design is due to its warm, rich textural surface and tones.

The challenge of using true rust in architecture is typically attributed to one of three issues – oxidation, weight, and changes in color and texture on the surface.

Using our signature design process, we have created a collection of metals, detailed below, that reflect the heritage and colors appreciated in the material without the performance and design concerns.

Pictured Above: Blue Rust in Long Beach Exchange, CA

Moxy Chelsea

Nomad Steel

Moxy 2

super matte textured surface with copper and rust pearlescent ink, this finish naturally diffuses light.

Bexar County Public Works

Parisian Rust


beautiful blend of pink, rose, and cool blue tones. This finish is based on a manuscript of corten found in Paris from the 18th century,

Littleton Mixed Use

Gilded Rust

Phalanx - Littleton - LR (2)

copper and weathered steel hybrid captures the deep reds and browns that occur in the natural corrosion process with a gloss matte layer.

Union Denver

Wewatta Rust

Phalanx - Union Denver - LR (2)

deeply patinated and textured rust with strong mottling. It has a magenta gloss matte unit, adding distinctive color when light hits the surface.

Sneak Peak

From our recent collaboration with Arktura for PCI in Portland.

The finish, Midnight Rust, uses the deep architectural colors of rust and blackened steel layered on top of the luminous clear coat surface below, offering a finish that is both subdued and brilliant.

Midnight Rust Perforated