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Groovy surfacing solutions: Customizable corrugations

What elements of design impact the way metal surfaces receive light? Texture, gloss, and the panel profile itself. A lot of visual interest can be achieved via the shadow lines and glint created by corrugations as they interact with light, offering additional textures that will appear and disappear throughout the day. Beyond their dynamism, corrugations are also a great way to add physical texture while remaining on budget.

Whether break formed or roll formed or entirely custom to the job, nearly any design intent can be achieved while providing an entirely VOC and Red List free surface. Check out some of our standard and non-standard offerings, below.

Break Formed

Our custom corrugated systems are break formed, with more options to customize both the depth of the peak and slope of the profile. These panels are quite captivating due to the interaction of light with the various angles of the panel, creating shadows, texture, and glow. We work to optimize the design of this system to ensure it meets your design intent and project budget. With profile options ranging from Micro to Shark Fin, there are nearly limitless design options!

Roll Formed

Our standard corrugated systems are roll formed profiles. Less custom than a break formed profile, these panels benefit from ease of fabrication and are therefore a more cost-effective option for many projects. With the ability to additionally add perforations to the panel or add Specular texture to the finish surface, there are many options to layer textures and create something entirely unique.

Additional Options

Because of the flexibility of aluminum and the versatility of corrugations, there are many other ways to use these fabrication techniques to create non-flat surfaces. We can corrugate suspended ceiling systems, add bends to plate panels, and more!