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Custom textured interior cladding

Custom interior finishes focus on the intersection between craft and design, breaking away from the banal to create something meaningful and beautiful. Because we experience interior spaces so intimately, color, texture, and gloss all play a significant role in our perception of rooms – relaxing, comforting, romantic, focused, meditative. We use up to 8 layers of organic, toxin-free ink and resin in each custom finish, with topcoats from ultra-matte to high gloss. Our custom design process implements varying levels of color, gloss, and pattern to offer 4 simple ways to create contextual finishes for interiors.


Have a manuscript? Let’s match it! For Intermountain Hospital, HDR was using oxidized copper as the inspiration for a monumental staircase, but had concerns with weight, cost, and maintenance of the natural material. By opting for a custom finished aluminum panel with physical texture, the surface and color are dialed in, while still meeting the needs of the design and space.


Use any existing finish as inspiration for a material that is totally your own. For Boston Dynamics, we started with Hampton Brass and Pacific Bronze as a base for the hairline and gloss level. The color inspiration was copper, so we drew on Muntz Metal which is a copper-hybrid. With the addition of our signature Crystal Basecoat topcoat, the surface is dynamic and changes in appearance depending on angle of interaction and lighting. Check out the project’s feature on Office Snapshots!


Start from scratch and create a surface, metal or non, that matches almost any specification. The new Chase Center arena employs our metal woodgrain on the exterior soffit, and to maintain design intent, a complimentary yet unique woodgrain was required for the interior monumental staircase and millwork. We added a layer of physical texture that bestows warmth to the touch, akin to veneer.


Keep it simple. With years of inspiration and design to call upon, we’ve created a variety of metallic, architectural and patterned finishes to choose from. From elevator cabs to bar wraps, it’s as simple as select, specify, and done.